Pebble Lodge

Pebble Lodge

Ensuring continuing education for students receiving support for significant mental health issues, Pebble Lodge caters for students suffering from a wide variety of mental health conditions. 

In partnership with health colleagues, our education team works with all young people admitted to Pebble Lodge and is experienced in helping students continue with their learning despite their challenging circumstances. 

Our approach 

Every week our education professionals join with the Pebble Lodge health team in their ward rounds to determine the needs of every student. From this, and from discussions with the students themselves, our teaching staff deliver a planned curriculum tailored to these needs. The curriculum is based around Key Stage 3 or 4, with a focus on maintaining progress and preparing for education away from Pebble Lodge, whether through re-integration, EHCP reviews, Medical Referrals or Functional Skills to allow access to appropriate college settings. 

We also provide vocational elements at Pebble Lodge in areas such as art, catering and textiles alongside a range of other enrichment activities. 

Education staff will also work with the students home-school to enable them to continue to study their subjects. This enables the students to have a smoother transition and reintegration back to school following their recovery. 


Education is an essential part of the recovery programme for students in Pebble Lodge. It helps them develop routines and makes it easier to return to a mainstream school or other learning centre.

N.B. Units cited are often drawn from or form the basis of our curriculum as they are adapted to meet need whilst considering that pupils with us may only stay a few days or weeks.

Download:Curriculum Model Pebble 23-24