The Quay School Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning / Home Tuition

Allowing students to participate in formal education and benefit from a structured curriculum, despite their circumstances preventing their attendance in person.


Thank you for taking a few moments to read more about the Virtual Learning campus provided by The Quay School. Unlike our other sites, this campus is formed  around the individual students, blending their home environment, their specific needs and a curriculum delivered digitally through live, timetabled lessons.

The role of our team is to help students overcome the barriers, be they medical or social, which keep them from other forms of education. Virtual Learning, guided and supported by regular visits from a mentor, allows these students to follow a personalised route towards improving their life opportunities and returning to school or further education.

Who uses our Virtual Learning campus?

The Virtual Learning campus allows young people to remain engaged with education even when they are unable to leave their home, for whatever reason. A blend of live online learning and regular visits by a mentor, this service provides students with a personalised approach to learning, helping them work towards the goals set out in their individual learning plans.

The Quay School provides alternative education services for students unwilling or unable to attend mainstream schools. For a very small number of students, even attending one of our specialist bases is a step too far, and it’s these students who are introduced to our Virtual Learning campus.

Our approach

We work with students attending the Virtual Learning campus to create an individual learning plan, with a unique curriculum designed for their needs. While they may be home-based, all our students receive regular visits from their mentors and are supported by the specialist staff who serve all the school campuses, including coordinators for literacy, numeracy and emotional literacy, attendance and education welfare officers.
Alongside helping them achieve formal qualifications, much of our time with students is dedicated to nurturing their confidence and aspirations. Involvement with a school community is an important ingredient in this and, where possible, we encourage students to consider moving from the Virtual Learning campus to attending one of our other bases.

How the Virtual Learning campus works

The Quay School can supply the equipment and support needed to allow students to access the Virtual Learning system from their home. Working with the student and the learning provider, we develop a personalised programme of lessons and activities.

Our Virtual Learning campus specialises in distance learning for students unable to attend school, whether for physical, emotional or behavioural reasons. This is run as an award-winning online learning environment which, as far as possible, operates as a real classroom. Interactive and engaging, it encourages participation in discussion with other students and the teacher.

The curriculum available through the Virtual Learning campus can be adjusted to suit the needs of students attending for a short period and those remaining for longer.


The Virtual Campus offers a wide variety of academic and vocational programmes, ensuring that all students can access the qualifications they require. These are supplemented with IAG, work skills and personal well-being.

The academic skills curriculum is a six stage programme, similar to mainstream schools and following the national curriculum.

StagesCourses availableNational Curriculum Levels
Year 7/8Key Stage 3 courses in English, Maths, Science, ICT and HistoryNC Levels 3 and 4
Year 8/9Key Stage 3 courses in English, Maths, Science, ICT and HistoryNC Levels 5 and 6
Year 10GCSE courses and Level 1 vocational coursesNC Levels 6 and 7
Year 11GCSE courses and Level 2 vocational coursesNC Levels 7 and 8
Year 12AS Levels and Level 3 vocational coursesN/A
Year 13A2 Levels and Level 3 vocational coursesN/A