Parkstone Base

Specialist, personalised education for students unable to attend mainstream school, usually for health reasons.

The Parkstone base provides a safe, secure and positive environment for students to enable them to overcome their barriers to learning. Through our nurturing environment we aim to build students resilience to enable them to access education and transition back to mainstream or on to a range of post 16 options.

All of our students struggle to engage with education and have been referred to us by health professionals. We work closely with health colleagues, in particular the Tier 3 CAMHS team to support our students and their families.

Our curriculum closely mirrors a mainstream curriculum offering Key stage 3 and 4 classes in small groups of no more than 8 pupils. Students can access a combination of GCSEs, vocational courses, Functional Skills literacy and numeracy, PSHE, sport and active leisure whilst developing their emotional literacy and communication skills.


We provide an aspirational curriculum that prepares students for the next stage of life after school, typically education, employment or training.

SubjectCore or OptionalExam BoardSpec Code / NumberHyperlink
English Language GCSECAQA8700Click here
English Literature GCSEOAQA8720Click here
Maths GCSECAQA8300Click here
Biology GCSECAQA8461Click here
Science (entry level)CAQA5960Click here
PSDCAQA (unit awards)Programme of Study for PSHE Education (Key stages 1–5) - Click hereAQA Unit awards - Click here
Science ( KS3)CAQA5960Click here
Humanities (KS3)CAQAAQA Unit awards - Click here
History GCSEOAQA8145Click here
Art GCSEOAQA8201Click here
Photography GCSEOAQA8206Click here
Level 1 Certificate in General CookeryOCity & GuildsSpec Code: 7107 - 21Click here
Statistics GCSEOAQA8382Click here
ITOAQAAQA Unit awards - Click here
Functional Skills Literacy & NumeracyCEDEXCELFSE01

Literacy - Click here

Numeracy - Click here
Enrichment & Life skillsOAQAAQA Unit awards - Click here
Geography GCSEOAQASpec Code: 8035AQA Unit awards - Click here